Change SharePoint ms-core-brandingtext with JavaScript

A quick note about this task is that you can rename the SharePoint site brand name with SharePoint Management PowerShell to avoid having to use this approach. When we do not have access to PowerShell, we can do this with some JavaScript on the site’s master page. We should use SharePoint 2013 Designer for this change.

We first need to identify the master page that our site is using. We then need to find the HTML element that contains the site brand name. For SharePoint 2013, the brand name is contained in the following HTML element:

<div class="ms-core-brandingText">SharePoint</div>

On the master page, this is generated from a server side control with this mark up:

<SharePoint:DelegateControl id="ID_SuiteBarBrandingDelegate" ControlId="SuiteBarBrandingDelegate" runat="server" />

We need to just change the HTML that is rendered on the client side. We can quickly do this by scrolling to the end of the master page and entering our JavaScript snippet to change the text on that HTML element.

<sharepoint:scriptblock runat="server">

   document.querySelectorAll('div.ms-core-brandingText')[0].innerHTML = 'All About .NET';

The snippet is selecting all the div elements with the ms-core-brandingText class. There should only be one element with that class name. We then just set the innerHTML to the text that we need. Make the change, save the master page, and refresh the site. It should now look like this:

A drawback about this is that it needs to be done in each master page that your site is using and for each sub-site.

I hope this helps.