Office 365 Missing Create New Document Menu

The Office 365 platform provides users with the ability to add Office 2010 documents from the ribbon menu. In some cases, these menu options are missing from the document library. The reason for this is that perhaps the library does not have the content type definition to know about those documents. Another reason is that the content type is defined, but the site is not associated with them.

Verify if Content Type Exists

We will go thru the process of adding the Excel content type to the document library by following these steps: (note that the same can be repeated for other documents: Word, OneNote and PowerPoint)
  • Click on Team Site
  • Click on site actions
  • Site Settings
  • Under Galleries, click on Site Content Type

Under document types, check to see if you find the Excel entry, if it does not exist, we will create the new content type by taking these steps:

Create Content Type - Document

Click on the Create Link (top) and fill out the form as you see on the image. Notice the parent content type and existing group.

Add Content Type

Now upload an Excel document  template that you will like to use as the default template and press OK.

Associate Template

This has added a content type with an associated document template. At this point, the site is not associated to this content type.

Associate Library to the Content Type

To enable the menu options on the ribbon menu, we need to follow these steps:
  • From Team Site, click on the document library
  • Click on the Library tab. This displays all the library functions
  • Click on Library Settings (left side - see below)

  • Make sure the library is able to manage content types, so click on Advanced settings
  • Under Allow management of content types, select yes (see below)

This change allows for additional functions to be visible on the site settings. Continue with these steps:
  • Click Ok
  • Click on Add from existent content types
  • Find the Excel Content type, and click Add
  • Click Ok

The content type is now associated to the library. If you need to add additional documents, repeat the process and finish adding the other document content types. After you complete this, visit the document library again and click on the document tabs. You should now see the menu options which allows the user to create new documents.

I hope this helps


Office 365 Documents Do Not Open in the Browser

Office 365 allows users to create and open Office 2010 compatible documents using the Office Web Apps. This is basically the office web client which frees the user from the need to have the Office 2010 client installed.  There may be some cases when the editing or creation of new documents is not done by the web client, and instead the browser tries to download the file showing you this dialog:

Download File Dialog

This is usually due to an add-on installed on the IE browser.  To disable this add-on, do the following:
  • Click on tools
  • Click on Manage Add-ons
  • Click on the dropdown that displays Currenlty loaded add-ons and change this to show all add-ons
  • On the right panel, look for Sharepoint OpenDocuments Class and click Disable

Disable OpenDocument Class

The browser will no longer try to download the document, and the file will be open right on the browser. Keep in mind that this is only applicable to Office 2010 compatible documents like:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • PowerPoint

I hope this helps