JQuery Mobile - Select Controls Populated Dynamically do not Reload

When using JQuery mobile to dynamically populate select controls, you may notice that the options of the control do not really refresh. This is because the native control is in fact replaced by html content when the page loads.   When the options of the select control are updated dynamically, you must rebuild the html content representation to reflect the new state of the native control. This is already supported by the mobile framework by the use of the refresh command.

Use this call to refresh and rebuild the custom content of the select box. The second parameter must be set to true to rebuild the view.

$(mySelectBoxId).selectmenu('refresh', true);

A typical scenario for this is with the use of cascading drop down. The first dropdown filters the options from the second drop which gets populated dynamically. After adding the options dynamically, a call to rebuild the control needs to be made.
I hope this helps.