WCF Service Configuration Visualized

I created this diagram that attempts to help us visualize how a WCF service configuration is constructed. The diagram does not display every single attribute that can be added to a configuration, but the goal is to show the main settings and their associations.  The diagram is divided into two main layers:

Custom Assembly and WCF Service configuration

Custom Assembly:

This is the layer that contains the custom assemblies with the implementation of the service contract, security policies and custom user validators.

WCF Service Configuration:

This is the XML that resides in the app/web.config file. It contains all the elements that are needed to configure a WCF service with its endpoint, binding and behavior configuration. Each one of these elements can also contain other elements to further define the communication details, security and behaviors for the service. 

This diagram provides a simple visualization of the main elements and their association.

WCF Configuration Diagram