AngularJS SPA Claims Based Authorization

During this presentation we talk about how an application can read the claims from a JSON Web Token. We also discuss how we need to understand the security specifications for an app to be able to map claims to the different areas of the application. We look at securing the following areas of the application:

        SPA authorization areas
        Menus, buttons, labels
       API Calls (Client Side Calls)

To enable authorization on the app, we look at the following topics using a particular component (bold):

        Wire AngularJS SPA Authorization
       Authorization specifications
       Manage token and claims                                 Authorization Service
       Menu options                                                    Authorization Directive
       Protect routes                                                    Route Authorization
        Dynamics redirects
       User interface elements                                    Authorization Directive
        Optimize authorization validation        Isolation Scope or Controller

       Authorize API calls


Code (MOST USE Auth Branch to get the authorization changes)
The code for this presentation can be found at this location:

Thanks to all for attending the presentation.

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