Visual Studio Code Online - Quick Intro

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) Online is a browser hosted IDE for software development purposes. It works similarly as the full version of VSCode.  You can access VSCode Online by visiting https://vscode.dev.  

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After the IDE is loaded on your browser, you can connect to any GitHub repo, including repos from other services. As the project loads, you are able to interact with the files associated to the project. These files can be JavaScript, TypeScript, CSharp or any other programming language associated to the project.

As a developer, you are able to browse the files, make edits commit and push back the changes to your repo. In addition, you can debug, do code comparison or load other add-ons to enable other development activities.

This service is not meant to replace your development environment, but is an additional tool to enable your work. Do take a look, and let me know what you think by sending my a message at Twitter @ozkary

Take a look at this video for a quick demo of the tool.

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