Data Engineering Process Fundamentals: Master the Fundamentals of Data Engineering with a Hands-on Approach by Oscar Garcia

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Book Overview

Data Engineering Process Fundamentals is a comprehensive guide that equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the entire data engineering process, from data discovery to building robust data pipelines.

Data Engineering Process Fundamentals - Data Warehouse Design


  • Learn how to identify valuable data sources and choose the right tools for the job.
  • Master the art of building scalable and efficient data platforms on the cloud.
  • Discover how to store and manage massive datasets effectively.
  • Gain insights from structured data through the power of data warehouses.
  • Automate the flow of data with robust pipelines and orchestration tools.
  • Equip yourself with the latest technologies like Python, Terraform, Docker, Jupyter Notebooks, and SQL.

Target Audience:

  • Data enthusiasts looking to build their technical skills and delve into the world of data engineering.
  • Developers interested in expanding their expertise into data-driven fields.
  • Business professionals seeking to understand data pipelines and their value for decision-making.
  • Anyone curious about the inner workings of data-driven organizations.

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Oscar D. Garcia, Ozkary brings his experience working with data to the written word. Fascinated by the power of data engineering to transform businesses, he shares his knowledge through his first book, "Data Engineering Process Fundamentals." This comprehensive guide equips readers with the necessary skills to build robust data pipelines and unlock the value of data.

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