How to create a page template on an Office Live website

The Office Live websites are created on the SharePoint platform and provide a bundle of designer tools that allows for the creation of websites. A new page can be added with ease by selecting from the standard templates. There is a range of templates that allows for the creation of a contact us, services, calendar among others type of pages. The layout from the templates may not be what you need, and there is always the need to do additional work to add your layout with images, side bar panels and other page elements.
There is a feature in Office Live that allows you save all of your hard work and create your own page template. The benefit of this is that you can do the work once and apply the same layout to additional pages. Most websites often have five or more pages, so ideally if we can do the hard work once, things become a lot easier.
To create a page template, we first need to design the layout and settle in how your site should look. This is where you creativity comes in, so you can take your time and design your page. Once you have created the page, we need to save it as a template. This is done as follows:
1) Login to Office Live administration website
2) On the top menu, click Web Site
3) Look for Page Manager (bottom of the page)
4) From the list of pages, select the one that has the design by clicking on the Save as template link
5) On the dialog, enter a template title and file name that easily describes the design you just created. For example, if you are creating a services website, you may want to use the Services title for the template. You will always be able to modify your template properties from the template gallery (Left Navigation Panel). Press OK to save the template
There is now a new custom page template available on your site. To validate this, we should try to add a new page using our custom template:
1) On the Page Manager grid, click the New Page menu
2) On the pop-up dialog, look for Custom Templates (left bottom). There you will see your Services template. Select the template and press the next button
3)On the next page, enter the page title. This is the same name that is used for the menu entry and page address as default. However, you do not have to keep the default values. You can always modify this.
4)Allow the defaults for Navigation and Standard page elements.
5)Press finish
You can now reload your website. You will notice that there is a new menu entry with the new page which looks identically to the page that was used to create the template. The next step is to edit the recently added page and modify the text content or banner to something that better describes what the page is about.