TypeScript TS7016 Could not Find Declaration Implicitly has any type

When building TypeScript modules, we may come across the TS7016 error. This error indicates that the modules being imported has no strongly typed definitions, and we are trying to use them in a project where type declaration is required. This is a more detail description of what this error may look like.


error TS7016: Could not find a declaration file for module './ozkary/ozkary.package'. '/ repos/aiengine/src/modules/speech/speech.package.js' implicitly has an 'any' type.


To clarify this error, this just really means that we are attempting to use a JavaScript (not well define types) file on a TypeScript (strongly-typed) project which essentially defeats the purpose. Do not panic yet, there are ways to solve this dilemma. Let us review our options.

Allow for Implicit Any Imports (tsconfig.json)

On a TypeScript project, there is a tsconfig.json file which provides all the information on how to compile the project.  The CompilerOptions node contains several configuration entries. By default, the NoImplicitAny settings is set to false, and it may not be visible on your settings.  This setting allows our project to use files and libraries that are purely written with JavaScript.  To override this error, we can add the value and set it to true as shown below:


"compilerOptions": {











Use JavaScript Libraries with TS Support

If we are using TypeScript for a project, it is probably because we want to use a strongly-typed language. When this is the case, we need to use libraries that support TypeScript. If a package we are using is causing this error, we need to look at the latest package updates and see if the latest version do have TypeScript support.  If this is not the case, then overriding the behavior on the tscofig.json file is the fallback option.

Ensure the File Extension is TS not JS

This may seem obvious, but this is a common mistake. When adding new files to the TypeScript project, we need to make sure the file extension is TS not JS. This tiny mistake for sure raises the TS7016 error. It is sometime important to observe and take a close look at the file extension when we see this error.

Strongly Typed Classes instead of Function Components

Using TS files extensions is not enough to indicate that our classes are strongly type. We also need to refactor our code to follow the TypeScript standards. This means replacing JavaScript function component declarations with interfaces and classes that declare strongly type data members.

I hope this was helpful and that it can help in resolving this error from your project. Feel free to add more suggestions on resolving this error on the comments sections.

Thanks for reading.

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