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Power Virtual Agents Chatbots Overview (6 of 6)

In this video, we discuss the use cases to build chatbots. We show how to build topics, entities to build a chatbot flow that can enable users to search information from the SharePoint data list. We use Power Automate to integrate an OData API call from the Chatbot to SharePoints, so we can filter on items based on a selected filter.


Welcome to the building apps with Microsoft 365 series. This is a series of six videos. In each video, we discuss a technology area on the Microsoft 365 platform. If you follow this series, you will be able to build an application which can run from your mobile device by downloading the PowerApps mobile app from the app store.

Chatbots by Oscar Garcia @ozkary

Platform Review

  • AI-powered chatbots to resolve common dialogs with users
  • Natural language understanding
  • Integration with other services via Power automate
  • Deploy to websites, mobile apps, MS Teams channels and other collaboration tools

Use Cases

  • Enable business processes
  • Customer support
  • Automate dialog driven tasks
  • Integrate with other skills for voice automation , Text-To-Speech scenarios and integrations

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